Before tanning

Our luxurious high quality spray tans last 7-10 days on the majority of our clients. The face and hands tend to fade faster due to higher frequency of washing with soap/product.

Each individual’s genetics and hormones play a major factor to how long a sunless tan will last. In addition, lifestyle habits, and pre & post care will determine the longevity of your tan. Medication, stress and overall health can effect longevity and colour depth of sunless tan.

We recommend booking your tan 24-48 hours before your event or trip, depending on how comfortable you are with spray tan care and what the event is.

Everyone is unique and so their tan peaks at different times, however for a special occasion such as your wedding we like to suggest 36-48 hours to allow for any adjustments or touch ups.

Book your spray tan last on your list. It’s recommended to book your spray tan after beauty treatments such as: hair removal, manicure & pedicure, hair dye or bleach, injections, facials and massages.

Our specialized spray tan artists are just that – artists. Once your appointment spot is booked, so is their time.

No one else can book that time once you hold it.

Booking an appointment is a commitment of your time and we believe in honouring that.

Any cancellations the week of are charged the full price of the appointment (plus applicable taxes). However, we are happy to reschedule your appointment and put 50% of the charged amount towards the next appointment booked within 7 days.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of the schedule appointment time will be charged full price.

Rescheduling fee  subject to a $25 for each change made.

We welcome last minute bookings for anyone that doesn’t want to commit to an appointment.