PH Balance skin treatment, disposable bikini and hair net are always included!

Full Body $65 | Heated $85
(face included)

Face $25 | Heated $25
(neck up)

Half-Body Spray $40 | Heated $50
(waist up/down)

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Packages listed online booking.


Strapless Thong: Disposable $2.50 | Reusable $20.00
Accelerator Developer/ Rapid Tan $15
Extra PH-Balance Conditioner $5 | Post Treatment $10
Extra Bronzer $5
Mobile Service $150+
After Hour Fee $25+

We are all different and have different needs so we have curated several premium quality tans from different brands and manufactures. This allows us to create the perfect tan just for you.

All of the formulas we use are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients. 

Our most popular tan is our Beloved Express Glow, New Rapid Blends and Heated Airbrush Tan.

A heated airbrush system is a warm luxurious professional hand-held spray tan. We are the only tanning salon in Toronto that uses this patented system and formula. This sunless tan treatment includes 3-steps to achieve a flawless glow and tends to have a warm chocolate brown colour. This tan is one of the longest lasting formulas on a majority of individuals.

1. Aroma Drops

Your choice: Coconut Lime | Desert Bloom | Tea Tree

2. PH-Balance Conditioner

Prepares the skin by balancing skin’s PH -level for an optimal tan. 

3. Heat Activated Tan Treatment

Professional custom colour organic tan treatment with Bronzer.

4. Post-Sunless Colour Lock Moisturizer Treatment

Locks in colour and hydration with nourishing botanicals to ensures a radiant longer lasting sunless tan.

Although the skin will start to develop colour within 4-8 hours we recommend booking your spray tan session a minimum of 12 hours before your event/occasion. The sunless tan colour will peak 36-24 hours after tan application.

One can expect a professional sunless tan to last minimum of five days and can last up to ten days. Usually the face and hands will always fade quicker than the rest of body.

Each individual’s genetics and hormones play a major factor to how long a sunless tan will last, in addition lifestyle habits, and pre & post care will determine the longevity of your tan.

Medication, stress and overall health can effect longevity and colour depth of sunless tan.

During your first visit we will go over the best options for your complexion and skin condition. We do recommend trying several formulas to discover your favourite colour and the tan that works the best with your body’s chemistry. 

Our most popular neutral blends are: Beloved Express Glow, Bridal Glow, and New Rapid: Hollywood, Bronze Glow